About us

We are DoCare – your turnkey mobility services

DoCare offers turnkey mobility services for people-centric companies, that take care seriously. Our plug-and-play solution helps to connect, inform and keep people safe while moving them between locations. We developed DoCare – a product of Meet2Talk – for the benefit of international employees and families everywhere.

Our Mission

We want to empower businesses to move happier people, making them more productive and successful.

How do employees benefit from using DoCare mobility services?

Employees feel valued, prioritised and remembered. They stay in control of the location and consequently, feel empowered to explore the new, with the safety of the know.

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Why your company should subscribe to DoCare:

We designed DoCare for businesses that relocate people. However, it does not matter how many and how far away, as long as there is one other person. Therein lies the full potential of our product. Furthermore, our plug-and-play turnkey mobility service holds the power to secure wellbeing, security and relation of your employees and their families in any new location. You just need to subscribe to unlock it.

Unlike most social media and security vendors, we tailored our product to the actual needs of people in transition. Using the DoCare mobility service streamlines relocation and enables businesses to stay focused. A group of internationally minded people, with experience living abroad, developed DoCare and continues to improves our services for the benefit of employees and their spouses worldwide.

Want to know more?

Our qualified sales team is happy to discuss a flexible mobility solution that is tailored to your and your employees needs.

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