Knowledge pool

We help to stay informed

We enable people to learn and clarify the unknowns of a new location, by helping them find what they need. Because information is vital for feeling safe to explore more.

A new location can shift an employee’s whole perspective and bring disarray into familiar structures. It can take a lot of time and effort to bring back order and a sense of structure. We can help your employees to find the information they need, with the least effort, either by providing it ourselves or pointing them in the right direction. 


  • Information storage
  • Content production
  • Access to specialized information, so employees and families can design the best stay in a new city.
  • Targeted webinars on subjects relevant for members, spouses and company gives them an opportunity to make the best choices for their families
  • Knowledge from DoCare’s expert partners keeps the families enlighted and happy.
  • Share information globally, among all your offices and locations

Your advantages of using DoCare Knowledge

Use the DoCare platform to collect all documents and information that are important for an event, relocation or in case an unforeseen incident occurs. 

Take advantage and safe time, by handling the whole information process in one place. 

Information is also accessible for your employee’s spouses and family. This means that the information chain is significantly shortened, freeing time and reducing stress for your employees. 

Get access to information, links and documents that are already available on DoCare.

DoCare, your turnkey plug and play mobility solution!

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