Choose your flexible mobility service

We offer you a turnkey 360 degree solution for your individual mobility needs.

One Platform

Access for all employees and spouses/partners

One Subscription

Covering all locations, all employees and spouses/partners

One Access

Responsive web, iOS & Android

DoCare mobility service security dashboard helps to navigate the DoCare security tool and improve Duty of Care compliance.

Security dashboard

Flexibly choose how many security functions you need to fulfil your Duty of Care towards your employees and spouses.

With DoCare mobility service you get a direct link to your international employee's spouses and partners to empower them and make them your ambassadors.

Direct link to spouses and families

Get in touch with your employee’s families while they are on assignment abroad and make them your ambassadors.

DoCare mobility service helps you to keep all the important mobility information in one place accessible to employees and spouses.

Build a knowledge library

Upload and collect information specific to your mobile employees and locations abroad in one place.

Use DoCare mobility service to build and strengthen your company community. It is commercial free and includes partners and spouses.

Strengthen your company community

Build a strong company community on our safe and commercial free platform and strengthen your Employer Branding.

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