Safety and security tool

We help to keep people safe

We take the safety of people seriously and so should you. Using the right security tool and services is the first step to improve your Duty of Care compliance.

DoCare security tool helps you to keep your employees safe.

Moving employees across the globe poses many challenges. New locations mean new unknowns and increased insecurity. Unfortunately, this imbalance often turns into unhappiness and discomfort among your employees. We do what we can to restore the balance between knows and unknowns, by being at hand when needed. 

DoCare security tool functionalities

  • Instant check-in
  • Security tracking and mapping
  • Emergency – I need help
  • Are you safe?
  • Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Your Advantages of using DoCare Safety and Security tool

DoCare can on the one hand be used reactive to organise and minimise damage, when an incident occurs. On the other hand, you can use DoCare security tool to proactively structure and reorganise, in order to prevent something from happening at an event, during travel or on relocation.

DoCare security tool covers multiple emergency response options.

Give reassurance to all parties involved in an event, a relocation or business travel by covering multiple emergency response options in one simple solution.

In an emergency, your employees have the possibility to directly reach out for help, shortening response-time and ensuring that  adequate action can be taken immediately. 

The DoCare security tool gives you an easy overview – know where employees, freelancers and close partners are at all your locations, anytime. 

Ask for response (‘Are you safe’) if something unexpected and critical happens and communicate a ‘safe haven’.

DoCare, your turnkey plug and play mobility solution!

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We empower businesses to move safer people, making them more productive and successful.

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